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Cutting edge music production

 Production, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering
(Djent/Math Metal/Thall )
 Production, Midi Drums programming & humanization, Mixing, Mastering
(Djent/Math Metal/Thall )
 Live recording - One take, Mixing, Mastering.
Simultaneous Video shooting & Video edit.

(Stoner rock/power trio )
(Blackened Crust/Punk )
(Tech death metal/Progressive )
Guitar Recording, Mixing & Mastering
(Mathcore - one take cover )
 Mixing & Mastering
(Mathcore - Live one take cover )
Guitar Recording, Production, Editing, Mixing
(Modern Metal/ Metalcore )
Recording, Production, Mixing 
(Djent/Math Metal)
Recording, Drum Programming, Mixing & Mastering
Recording, Production, Mixing 
Video editing
(Djent/Math Metal - 2018)
Editing, Mixing , Mastering
(Alternative Metal - 2019)
Guitar recording, Production,Mixing & Mastering, 360 video editing
(Modern metal/Metalcore - 2020)
Recorded bass & guitars, Mixed & Mastered -
(progressive metal - 2020)
Recording, Editing, production, Mixing , Mastering
(Stoner rock/ Doom - 2020)
Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering 
(Djent/Math Metal/Thall )
( Drum'n' Bass/Breakbeat - 2020 )
( Psychedelic/Electronica - 2020 )
Recent Reviews

9 out of 10 Review on Rhetort's E.P. from THE CIRCLE PIT :
"This is a project with a well-developed and intelligent sound that stands as the opposite of amateur in just about all regards from the sheen of the production down to the songwriting itself"


"Every instrument and sound has a proper place in the mix and it all wreaks of professionalism. It’s quite a multi-layered and complex record so this surely was no easy feat to pull off but John certainly succeeded.

 Excerpts from the song by song review of Obzerv's album by The Ringmaster:

"Obzerv’s sound is wonderfully hard to pin down in a few words and the multi-flavoured roar of this song just epitomises that inescapable lure."...

"Dextrous rhythms drive and shape the compelling wall of sound, they too as tempting in their swing as punishing in a touch bound in the compelling, bewitching wires of guitar."..."it’s stabbing riffs, bass groove, and sonic lattice of flavours casting an adroit tempest which effortlessly got under the skin."...
The ringmaster

Excerpts from Metal temple's review of  Obzerv's album :

"The production is very adept, fits the mood and the sound of the band really well"...

"The guitar work by Giannis Leledakis and John Mor is impeccable, reaching an impressive synth-like sound.
Metal Temple

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