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John Mor is a music producer & musician, focused on bringing fresh perspectives and sounds on the table.

Fascinated by pioneers and extremists of every genre, either artists, or producers, and being a film and photography enthusiast, he delivers a unique mix of influences and creative problem solving when it comes to Music Production. For him, every form of art is a piece of a bigger puzzle and there's a deep connection between them.Thus his vision is highly synaesthetic and his mission is to create immersive art and music that turns listening to experiencing.

Cinematic atmospheres, electronic & futuristic elements, ambient soundscapes, icy and haunting sounds are just a few of his most used sonic palettes. Due to the fact that he has been a guitarist over 15 years he has a clear vision when it comes to heavy & crushing tones.
Mixed with enraged energetic drums and deep growling bass , his approach on mixing is quite particular and helps to highlight the unique voice of the artist/band.

Aside from the artistic vision, he has highly trained his technical skills for editing, mixing and mastering for more than 10 years now.

From learning about room acoustics and building an accurate control room, to using the right piece of gear, he has spent countless hours studying his craft. Meticulous work, trial & error, discipline and high standards, at all costs. No shortcuts when it comes to creating art.
All wrapped up by a relaxed personality and professionalism, always open to listen,  discuss and help bring to life even the most demanding project.


John Mor Prods Control Room Amphions

Monitoring environment and Speakers are crucial for the engineer in order to make a mix and/or master translate across multiple user devices. John Mor Prods proudly uses the incredible Amphion loudspeakers one18 as mains, Integrated with a sealed sub from Acoustic Energy. Fine tuned precisely along with enormous bass traps and diffusion, the room has ultra tight low end and balanced ± 2 db frequency response on the bass region, followed by a "house curve". These render the entire system suitable for mastering and deep listening for hours, without fatigue.

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