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PlanetNone - Out of Time EP (Full Production, Mixing & Mastering)

With an average age of 15, these dudes
are killing it! With no prior recording experience, they came to me and we worked everything from the ground up. The tracking was incredibly easy and fun, there was no need for drum reinforcement with samples, it's all organic, which is rare nowdays! Their future is bright and their debut EP was uploaded by the popular youtube channel 666mrdoom.

Rhetort - Hypophora (Produced & Mixed)

9 out of 10 Review from THE CIRCLE PIT :
"This is a project with a well-developed and intelligent sound that stands as the opposite of amateur in just about all regards from the sheen of the production down to the songwriting itself"

"Every instrument and sound has a proper place in the mix and it all wreaks of professionalism. It’s quite a multi-layered and complex record so this surely was no easy feat to pull off but John certainly succeeded. He then shipped the record off to be mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering who did a great job as well. It just all came together very nicely and sounds pleasant when played through just about any medium."

Obzerv - Acherontia Atropos (Produced & Mixed)

"with the punch powerfully delivered by gut-slugging drum-and-bass work, head-battering snare rhythms, and syncopated riffs with a cold, grim tone. There’s razor-sharp precision in this assault and battery, which contrasts with firebrand vocals that scald the senses with the kind of raw and livid howls that cause one to image a rabid wolf in attack mode." No clean singing

Every instrument is clearly audible, while the overall production defines astringent early 2000 metal-sound. Everything is noise

it’s stabbing riffs, bass groove, and sonic lattice of flavours casting an adroit tempest which effortlessly got under the skin."Obzerv’s sound is wonderfully hard to pin down in a few words" The ringmaster

The guitar work by Giannis Leledakis and John Mor is impeccable, reaching an impressive synth-like sound. Metal Temple

Shadow in the Darkness - Erstwhile Befell  (Mastered)

Technical Death Metal- one of Greece's finest.
It received great reviews, with the most important coming from the famous METAL INJECTION zine.

" I am confident that Erstwhile Befell is one of the best tech-death albums of 2020"

Read the article

Full album was mastered by John Mor Prods and was released by Sliptrick Records.

Hollow Seasons- As misery fades
(Reamped -Mixed & Mastered)

Modern prog metal with Post and Shoegazy vibes, hailing from Norway.
This e.p. is packed with melody & atmosphere, mellow moments and emotional buildup that transcend to aggressive sounding outrages and closure.


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